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Benefits of Being AWS Certified

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Benefits of Being AWS Certified

Have you ever heard of AWS Certifications?

Are you wondering if it is beneficial to get one?

Is an AWS certification enough to land a cloud-related job?

Benefits of Being AWS Certified

These are typical questions that aspirants ask and wonder if it’s favorable to commit to studying. For this article, we will discuss the benefits of being AWS certified and whether it’s worth it to invest time and effort.

Let’s get started.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive, broadly adopted, and leading cloud platform that offers the most functionality than any other cloud provider. It has the largest community of customers and partners and is recognized by Gartner as the longest-running magic quadrant leader for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services.

Benefits of Being AWS Certified

Imagine having an AWS certification to the leading cloud platform globally. That is huge as it will validate your technical skills and will definitely solidify your career in the cloud industry.

In addition to being industry-recognized, you will receive digital badges to showcase your AWS Certification achievement to your personal portfolio or share it with your social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. This can help build your personal branding and gain immediate access to exclusive AWS-sponsored certification events.

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Benefits of Being AWS Certified

You can add your digital badge to your professional profile to highlight your AWS skills. You can also share a direct link to your digital badge to verify you are AWS Certified. Furthermore, you can create an optional public profile with all of your earned AWS Certification badges. These digital badges make it easy for employers to access your up-to-date AWS Certified status.

Benefits of Being AWS Certified

Upon passing a certification, you will get a 50% discount voucher to apply for your next exam or recertification, as AWS offers a breadth of certification exams. It has:

  • Foundational – Knowledge-based certification for a foundational understanding of AWS Cloud.
    No prior experience is needed.

    Benefits of Being AWS Certified
  • Associate – Role-based certifications that showcase your knowledge and skills on AWS and build your credibility as an AWS Cloud professional.
    Prior cloud and/or strong on-premises IT experience is recommended.

    Benefits of Being AWS Certified
  • Professional – Role-based certifications that validate advanced skills and knowledge required to design secure, optimized, and modernized applications and automate processes on AWS.
    2 years of prior AWS Cloud experience is recommended.

    Benefits of Being AWS Certified
  • Specialty – Dive deeper and position yourself as a trusted advisor to your stakeholders and/or customers in these strategic areas.

    Benefits of Being AWS Certified

Take a deep dive into the different AWS certifications path in this article.

Having an AWS certification will help you receive event recognition. You will get invites to regional Appreciation Receptions and also use your digital badge to obtain exclusive access to AWS Certification Lounges at AWS re:Invent and select AWS Summit events.

Benefits of Being AWS Certified

On top of that, you will attain access to the AWS Certified Global Community, wherein you can network with your fellow AWS-certified peers. Moreover, you will gain exclusive access to the AWS Certified Store for merchandise (but only supports certain regions).

Benefits of Being AWS Certified

In conclusion, an AWS certification does not guarantee a cloud-related job right away, as employers will still prefer experience and skills. However, it is a great starting point to build your hands-on experience. From an employer’s perspective, experience may not be enough, and having certifications added to your arsenal can give you the deciding factor. Acquiring an AWS Certification will help you get that competitive advantage to stand out among your peers. At Tutorials Dojo, we offer Learning resources to help you prepare and pass your certifications.

Benefits of Being AWS Certified

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