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Over the past couple of years, Tutorials Dojo has garnered over 100,000 student enrolments on Udemy and is proud to have a passing rate of at least 90% in all of our practice test courses based on user feedback. Every day, we’d receive more than a handful of success stories and valuable insights about the actual AWS exams, however, these useful tips are only privately posted within the Q&A section of our Udemy courses which are not publicly accessible.

Our recent exam passer, Adrian, shared a lot of insights about his Developer Associate exam

These success stories and insights about the real AWS tests are absolutely priceless and we think that they shouldn’t be kept privately housed inside our Udemy courses. It’s therefore with great pleasure that we announce the creation of our new Slack and Facebook groups where we intend to freely share all of the success stories, exam tips, and feedback that our Udemy students and recent exam takers have shared with us.

Join our Slack group here:

Join our Facebook group here:

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In addition to our new Slack and Facebook groups, do check out our fast-growing community in the Tutorials Dojo portal forums:

Our friendly team of customer and technical support is more than happy to share information and tips that can help you pass and even ace your AWS exams on your first try!

As always, feel free to let us know how we can further improve our content and our site. We are also working on the first phase of feature improvements for the Tutorials Dojo portal so we can serve you better.

All the best in your exam preparations!

Your Learning Partners,
Jon Bonso and Tutorials Dojo Team

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