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AWS License Manager


Bookmarks Concepts Monitoring Security Pricing A service for centrally managing software licenses across AWS and on-premises environments. It gives you control and visibility into license usage, allowing you to limit licensing overages and reduce the risk of noncompliance and misreporting. Supports a variety of licensing models: Perpetual - lifetime license with no expiration date. Floating - shareable licenses. Subscription - license with expiration date. Usage-based - license with specific terms based on usage. Concepts License configurations Contains licensing rules based on enterprise agreements. It consists of parameters and rules that change depending on [...]

AWS License Manager2022-08-19T15:13:13+00:00

AWS Serverless Application Repository


Bookmarks Publishing Applications Deploying  Applications Monitoring Pricing A managed repository for deploying and publishing serverless applications. You can also use pre-built applications instead of cloning, building, packaging, and publishing source code to AWS before deploying it. Each application includes an AWS SAM template that specifies the AWS resources that will be used. Publishing Applications Use an AWS SAM template to define your application. To publish a serverless app, you can use the following to upload your code: AWS Management Console AWS SAM CLI AWS SDKs When you publish an app, it is initially [...]

AWS Serverless Application Repository2022-08-17T07:13:05+00:00

AWS Lake Formation


Bookmarks How It Works Concepts Security Pricing A service for managing and building data lakes. It stores and catalogs data from databases and object storage before transferring it to a new S3 data lake. You can also use ML algorithms to clean and classify data and secure access to sensitive data with granular controls at the column, row, and cell levels.  How It Works Identify existing data stores, such as S3 or databases, and move the data to your data lake.  The data is then crawled, cataloged, and prepared [...]

AWS Lake Formation2022-08-17T07:10:46+00:00

AWS Control Tower


Bookmarks Concepts Networking Monitoring Pricing A service for configuring and managing a multi-account AWS environment. Concepts Landing zone A multi-account environment that is well-architected and adheres to security and compliance best practices. Each organization can have one landing zone.  A container that holds the following: Organizational Units (OUs) Accounts Users Other Resources Structure of a landing zone: Root - parent that contains all OUs. Security OU - contains the shared accounts. Sandbox OU - contain the registered accounts used by your users to carry out their AWS workloads. IAM Identity Center directory - [...]

AWS Control Tower2022-08-17T07:08:38+00:00

Amazon AppFlow


Bookmarks Features Concepts Pricing An integration service that automates data flows by securely integrating third-party applications and AWS services without writing any code. Features Run flows on-demand or on a schedule to keep data in sync across SaaS applications and AWS services. Aggregate data from multiple sources to train analytics tools more effectively and save money. Use flow management tools to track where and when data has moved. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Integrates with AWS PrivateLink to allow private data transfer over AWS rather than public data transfer over the [...]

Amazon AppFlow2022-08-17T03:25:03+00:00

AWS Audit Manager


Bookmarks Features Concepts Monitoring Security Pricing A service that will help you audit your AWS usage on a regular basis in order to simplify risk management and compliance with regulations and industry standards. Automates evidence collection for policies, procedures, and activities, as well as the creation of audit reports. Features Centrally manage and upload evidence from on-premises or multi-cloud environments.  View analytics data for active assessments on the Audit Manager dashboard and quickly identify non-compliant evidence that needs to be remedied. Creation of frameworks with standard or custom controls based on your [...]

AWS Audit Manager2022-08-17T03:16:10+00:00

AWS Outposts


Bookmarks Concepts Monitoring Pricing A managed service that brings AWS infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools to the customer's premises. Concepts Outpost site is a physical location where AWS will install your Outpost. Outpost configurations include EC2, EBS, and networking capabilities. Each configuration has its own requirements for power, cooling, and weight support. The compute and storage resources are called Outpost capacity. You must have Outpost equipment to use the AWS Outposts service. This includes AWS-managed racks, servers, switches, and cabling. Outpost racks   A 42U rack that includes rack-mountable servers, switches, network patch panels, power [...]

AWS Outposts2022-08-17T03:13:03+00:00

AWS Proton


Bookmarks Concepts Monitoring Pricing A managed delivery service for deploying container and serverless applications. Uses templates to define and maintain standard application stacks, which include the architecture, infrastructure resources, and the CI/CD pipeline. Concepts Templates Manage and provision resources using Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Environment Template - a shared infrastructure used by multiple applications or resources. Standard Environment Template - AWS Proton provisions infrastructure for your environment. Customer-managed Environment Template - provision your own shared resources. Service Template - the infrastructure required in a particular environment to deploy and manage a single application or [...]

AWS Proton2022-08-19T15:16:53+00:00

Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus


Bookmarks Features Concepts Pricing A managed monitoring service for container environments. You can monitor and alert on the performance of containerized workloads using the open-source PromQL without having to scale or manage the underlying infrastructure. Automatically scale the ingestion, storage, alerting, and querying of operational metrics as workload increases. Integrated with Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, and AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry. Features With Prometheus query language (PromQL), you can easily obtain performance visibility using a filter, aggregate, and alarm on metrics. Supports multi-AZ replication within an AWS Region. Collect and query metrics from container clusters [...]

Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus2022-08-19T15:16:34+00:00

Amazon Managed Grafana


Bookmarks Components Security Pricing A data visualization service for querying, correlating, and visualizing operational metrics, logs, and traces from multiple sources. Create dashboards and visualizations to analyze metrics, logs, and traces without having to build, package, or deploy Grafana servers. All logical Grafana server deployment, setup, scaling, and maintenance are handled by AWS. Integrated with the following AWS data sources: Amazon CloudWatch Amazon OpenSearch Service AWS X-Ray AWS IoT SiteWise Amazon Timestream Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus Components Workspaces A logically isolated Grafana server. User authentication method for workspaces is through: SAML 2.0 AWS [...]

Amazon Managed Grafana2022-08-17T02:53:21+00:00

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