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NEWS: AWS re:Invent 2020 will be Hosted Online and Registration is FREE!


NEWS: AWS re:Invent 2020 will be Hosted Online and Registration is FREE! AWS re:Invent is a conference organized by Amazon Web Services for the cloud computing community. Since 2012, the conference has always been held in Las Vegas, but this time it’s going to be different. This 3-week conference will now be hosted online, and take note that this event is FREE for everyone. To join AWS re:Invent 2020 on November 30 - December 18, you can register here. Why should you attend? This virtual conference is the world’s premier cloud learning event. You can find different peers who leverage [...]

NEWS: AWS re:Invent 2020 will be Hosted Online and Registration is FREE!2020-11-03T21:42:25+00:00

AWS Certifications Path


AWS Certifications Path Before going through the AWS certifications path below, it is important to note that AWS has scrapped the prerequisite for Professional-level exams. Previously, you can only take the Professional-level exams (Solutions Architect Professional and DevOps Engineer Professional) after passing their Associate-level counterparts. Now, you can take any AWS exam without the need to pass any prior AWS exam, which is ideal for those who already have extensive working experience in the industry. Foundational Cloud Practitioner If you are coming from a non-technical background. The foundational level will be a good start for you to learn and understand [...]

AWS Certifications Path2020-09-04T09:59:35+00:00

Amazon DocumentDB


Amazon DocumentDB Fully managed document database service designed to be fast, scalable, and highly available. Data is stored in JSON-like documents. Compatible with MongoDb. Flexible schema and indexing. Commonly used for content management, user profiles, and real-time big data. How it Works An Amazon DocumentDB cluster decouples storage and compute. A cluster consists of Cluster volume and Instances Cluster volume refers to the storage layer that spans multiple Availability Zones. Each Availability Zone has a copy of the cluster data. Instances refers to the compute layer. It provides the processing power needed for the database to write data to, and [...]

Amazon DocumentDB2020-08-29T07:57:47+00:00

AWS Service Catalog


AWS Service Catalog Allows you to create, manage, and distribute catalogs of approved products to end-users, who can then access the products they need in a personalized portal.  Administrators can control which users have access to each product to enforce compliance with organizational business policies. Administrators can also set up adopted roles so that end users only require IAM access to AWS Service Catalog in order to deploy approved resources. This is a regional service. Features Standardization of assets Self-service discovery and launch Fine-grain access control Extensibility and version control Concepts Users Catalog administrators – Manage a catalog of products, [...]

AWS Service Catalog2020-10-06T02:36:45+00:00

AWS Secrets Manager vs Systems Manager Parameter Store


AWS Secrets Manager vs Systems Manager Parameter Store Managing the security of your applications is an integral part of any organization especially for infrastructures deployed in the cloud. One aspect of application security is how the parameters such as environment variables, database passwords, API keys, product keys, etc. are stored and retrieved. As a best practice, secret information should not be stored in plain text and not be embedded inside your source code. It is also recommended to set up an automated system to rotate passwords or keys regularly (which is easy to forget when you manage keys manually). Managing [...]

AWS Secrets Manager vs Systems Manager Parameter Store2020-08-18T09:17:03+00:00

Which AWS Certification Exam Is Right For Me? – Part 2


Which AWS Certification Exam Is Right For Me? - Part 2 In this section, we’ll discuss the six (6) AWS Specialty certifications that are currently offered by AWS to help you find out if these certifications are suitable for you. If you haven’t read the first of this 2-part article series yet, we encourage you to check it here: Which AWS Certification Exam Is Right For Me? - Part 1. Similar to Part 1 of this article, we will approach each segment in two parts: Purpose and Knowledge. Purpose will answer the question: “Why should I take this exam?” while [...]

Which AWS Certification Exam Is Right For Me? – Part 22020-08-18T09:11:53+00:00

Step Scaling vs Simple Scaling Policies in Amazon EC2


Step Scaling vs Simple Scaling Policies in Amazon EC2 Amazon’s EC2 Auto Scaling provides an effective way to ensure that your infrastructure is able to dynamically respond to changing user demands. For example, to accommodate a sudden traffic increase on your web application, you can set your Auto Scaling group to automatically add more instances. And when traffic is low, have it automatically reduce the number of instances. This is a cost-effective solution since it only provisions EC2 instances when you need them. EC2 Auto Scaling provides you with several dynamic scaling policies to control the scale-in and scale-out events. [...]

Step Scaling vs Simple Scaling Policies in Amazon EC22020-08-18T09:12:08+00:00

AWS Global Accelerator vs Amazon CloudFront


AWS Global Accelerator vs Amazon CloudFront In this day and age, your site speed performance is an important factor when it comes to user experience. It is widely recommended for websites to have an average load time of 3 seconds as users tend to abandon the site if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load. According to Amazon, just 100 milliseconds of extra load time cost them 1% in sales. Indeed, every second counts in our fast-paced digital world. Amazon Web Services has always been the global leader in Cloud Computing with its speed, performance, and reliability. With [...]

AWS Global Accelerator vs Amazon CloudFront2020-08-18T09:13:21+00:00

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