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Google App Engine


Bookmarks Features Types of Scaling Pricing Validate Your Knowledge A highly scalable fully managed serverless platform for developing and hosting web applications. Features A fully managed environment to allow you to concentrate on deploying your application. Custom runtimes allow you to bring any library and framework to App Engine by supplying a Docker container. Application versioning is available to easily host different versions of your application and create development, test, staging, and production environments. Allows you to split traffic between different application versions to perform A/B testing. You can only create a single [...]

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Google Compute Engine (GCE)


Bookmarks Configurations Instance Templates Instance Groups Managing access to your instances Backing up your instance Sole Tenant Nodes Preemptible Instances Shielded Instances Instance Life Cycle GCP Marketplace Live Migration Pricing Validate Your Knowledge Linux-based and Windows-based virtual machines Each instance you create belongs to a project A project can have one or more instances Configurations Generally, when you create an instance, you should specify the following. Zone Operating System Machine type General purpose (E2, N1, N2, N2D) - provides a good balance of price [...]

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Pricing


GCP’s customer-friendly pricing allows businesses to pay as you go, without termination fees, and no upfront costs. Google Cloud Free Program New customers are given $300 free Cloud Billing credits valid for 90 days to explore and evaluate the Google Cloud Platform. Free Tier Limits are also available for all GCP customers on selected Google Cloud services – like GCE, GCS, and BigQuery. The free tier limit does not expire but is subject to change. You won’t be charged until you choose to upgrade your account from a free trial to a paid account through the GCP Console. Cloud Billing [...]

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Google Cloud Global Infrastructure


The cloud infrastructure of GCP is built around: 20+ regions 70+ zones 140+ network edge locations Multi-regions A large geographic area, such as the United States, that contains two or more geographic places. Regions Are collections of zones that provide high-bandwidth, low-latency network connections to other zones in the same region. Regional resources can be used by any resource in that region, regardless of zone Generally, communication within regions will always be cost-efficient and faster than communication across different regions. Zones It is an isolated location within a region and is composed of several physical infrastructures housed in a data [...]

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Google Cloud Platform Overview


The Google Cloud Platform is the infrastructure that powers the Google products you are familiar with including Gmail, Search, and Google Photos. In April of 2008, Google announced its first service called App Engine, a cloud compute service for developing and hosting web applications in Google-managed data centers. Since then, Google has evolved and added more cloud services to its platform. GCP lets developers build and host applications and websites, store data, and analyze data, all on Google’s scalable and reliable computing infrastructure. It has hundreds of products and tools in categories like compute, storage, databases, networking, and machine learning [...]

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Google Cloud Certifications Path


Bookmarks Associate Cloud Engineer Professional Cloud Architect Professional Cloud Developer Professional Data Engineer Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Professional Cloud Security Engineer Professional Cloud Network Engineer Professional Collaboration Engineer Professional Machine Learning Engineer In the previous article, we talked about the most in-demand Azure Certifications in the market today. In this article, we'll discuss the certifications offered by Google Cloud, which is currently the third most popular cloud service provider in the world. It is important to note there are no prerequisites in taking any GCP certification exam. Also, [...]

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Unique Ways to Build Credentials and Make a Successful Career Shift to Cloud Computing


In the previous post, we discussed whether having cloud certifications is enough to land a job. You can view the article here. In this section, we'll share some noteworthy activities that you can do to build your credentials and help you land a cloud-related job. Trying to land a job in the field of cloud computing with no prior work experience can drive people mad. Most entry-level positions on job postings demand at least two years of professional experience. But how the heck can you get experience if you can't get a job to acquire that experience in the first [...]

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Interview Tips to Help You Land a Cloud-Related Job


This is the last part of our Introduction to Cloud Computing blog series. In this article, we'll give some interview tips to help you land a job and build a fruitful career in cloud computing. The average time for a job interview lasts around 30-45 minutes. And within this limited time-frame, you must leave an impressive mark and good impression to your prospective employer. We will clear off the soft skills for now as you can find many of them on the Internet and instead focus on the technical matters that will help you have an excellent interview experience to [...]

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Are Cloud Certifications Enough to Land me a Job?


The sad truth is that getting a job with just a certification alone is difficult or almost impossible to achieve. Cloud Certifications are a great way to display your credibility and validate your knowledge. It also shows that you have invested time and money into improving your skill set. But if you want to pursue a career in cloud computing, having certifications alone isn't gonna cut it; you need to have relevant skills and experience to demonstrate your expertise to employers. So does it mean that certifications are just a piece of paper, and you should discard your dream to [...]

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AWS vs Azure vs GCP – Which One Should I Learn?


In the previous section, we outlined the different certifications paths for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. In this post, we will now compare these top three cloud service providers and share the advantages of learning these technologies. Selecting a cloud platform to learn depends on several factors like your current skills or demands in the job market. There is no absolute rule in learning a particular cloud platform, as most of them can be used to solve the same problems. This article will look at the key takeaways from the prominent three leaders in cloud computing and we’ll analyze them [...]

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