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Azure Traffic Manager


A DNS-based traffic load balancer. Improves the responsiveness of your applications by sending the request to the closest endpoint. It offers a range of traffic-routing methods and endpoint monitoring options. Features It is resilient to failure. You can obtain actionable insights about your users using a traffic view. Improve the availability of your applications by using traffic manager health checks. Offers automatic failover when an endpoint goes down. Traffic Manager endpoints: Azure, External, and Nested Combine multiple traffic-routing methods using nested traffic manager profiles. Routing Methods Priority - allows you to set a primary endpoint for all traffic. Weighted - [...]

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Azure Content Delivery Network


Bookmarks Features How Caching Works Pricing Limits A distributed network of servers that delivers web content closer to users. CDNs store cache content on edge servers to minimize end-user latency. Features Improves the performance of dynamic web pages using dynamic site acceleration. You can set two types of caching rules in Azure CDN: Global caching rule - overrides any HTTP cache-directive headers. Custom caching rule - you can set a rule to match specific paths and file extensions. Types of origin: Storage Storage Static website Cloud service Web App Custom Origin Enable HTTPS [...]

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Azure Application Gateway


A web traffic load balancer. It allows you to distribute incoming traffic based on HTTP request properties such as URL and host headers. Application gateway has four tiers: Standard, Standard V2, WAF, and WAF v2 You can use the same application gateway for up to 100+ websites with multi-site hosting. Set the minimum and maximum scale units based on your needs. Azure Application Gateway vs Azure Load Balancer An application gateway operates at layer 7. A load balancer functions at layer 4. You can use both public and private IP on the frontend. Features Secure your data with end-to-end SSL. [...]

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Azure VPN Gateway


Bookmarks Routing Connection Resiliency Pricing Validate Your Knowledge A secured hybrid cloud architecture. It is composed of gateway subnet, tunnel, and on-premises gateway. Protocols: Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) and Internet Key Exchange (IKE) VPN gateway connections: VNet-to-VNet, Site-to-Site, and Point-to-Site Create a secure connection from your on-premises network to an Azure virtual network with a site-to-site VPN. VNet-to-VNet connection automatically routes to the updated address space, if you updated the address space on the other VNet. If you need to establish a connection to your virtual network from a remote location, you can [...]

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Azure Load Balancer


Bookmarks Features Concepts Pricing How to Create a Load Balancer Validate Your Knowledge Distributes incoming network traffic across multiple targets. Allows you to route traffic based on source IP address and port to a destination IP address and port. Features The load balancer supports TCP/UDP-based protocols. Scales automatically as traffic increases. The load-balancing decision is based on the following tuple connection: Source IP address and port Destination IP address and port Protocol NAT allows you to control the inbound and outbound network traffic. Inbound rules -  traffic allowed to a specific virtual [...]

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Azure Container Registry


Bookmarks Features Concepts Best Practices Tasks Tagging Network Security Pricing A service to manage your container images and related artifacts. ACR is a regional service. Features Keep track of current valid container images. Registries (SKUs) are available in three tiers: Basic, Standard, and Premium. You can use the geo-replication feature of Premium registries for advanced replication and container image distribution scenarios. Streamline building, testing, pushing, and deploying images to Azure with Azure Container Registry Tasks. ACR Tasks supports quick task, automatically triggered tasks, and multi-step task Tag your containers [...]

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Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)


Bookmarks Features Components Storage Security Pricing Versions Validate Your Knowledge An open-source tool for orchestrating and managing many container images and applications. Lets you deploy a managed Kubernetes cluster in Azure. Features Uses clusters and pods to scale and deploy applications. Kubernetes can deploy more images of containers as needed. It supports horizontal scaling, self-healing, load balancing, and secret management. Automatic monitoring of application load to determine when to scale the number of containers used. Allows you to replicate container architectures. Use Kubernetes with supported Azure regions and on-premises installations [...]

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Azure DDoS Protection


Allows you to protect your Azure resources from denial of service (DoS) attacks. DDoS protection (layers 3 and 4) offers two service tiers: Basic and Standard. Features Basic Enabled by default (free). It mitigates common network attacks. Both basic and standard protects IPv4 and IPv6 public IP addresses. Standard It has advanced capabilities to protect you against network attacks such as logging, alerting, and telemetry. Mitigates the following attacks: Volumetric attacks - flood the network layer with attacks. Protocol attacks - exploit a weakness in layers 3 and 4. Resource layer attacks - a layer 7 attack that disrupts the [...]

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Azure Firewall


A service that uses a static public IP address to protect your VNet resources. Azure Firewall is PCI, SOC, ISO, ICSA Labs, and HITRUST compliant. Features A stateful firewall service. You can enable forced tunneling to route Internet-bound traffic to an additional firewall or virtual network appliance. Limit outbound traffic to a given FQDN list, including wild cards. Filter any TCP/UDP protocol outbound traffic. To use FQDNs in your rules, you must enable DNS proxy. Deny the traffic of a malicious IP address with threat intelligence-based filtering. It has the highest priority rules and will always be processed first. Threat [...]

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Azure Key Vault


A service that allows you to store tokens, passwords, certificates, and other secrets. You can also create and manage the keys used to encrypt your data. Features Soft delete allows a deleted key vault and its objects to be retrieved during the retention time you designate. The retention period of a deleted vault is between 7 to 90 days. With soft-delete and purge protection enabled, it will not purge a vault or object in the deleted state until the retention period has expired. You may connect to a key vault via A public endpoint in all networks A public endpoint [...]

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