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Amazon Route 53


Bookmarks Key Features Domain Registration Routing Internet Traffic to your Website or Web Application Route 53 Health Checks Know the Following Concepts Routing Policies Hosted Zones Records Supported DNS Record Types DNS Domain Name Format Using Traffic Flow to Route DNS Traffic Route 53 Resolvers Route 53 Health Checks and DNS Failover Authentication and Access Control Monitoring Pricing Validate Your Knowledge A highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) web service used for domain registration, DNS routing, and health [...]

Amazon Route 532023-01-31T09:44:19+00:00

Amazon S3 Glacier


Bookmarks Data Model Glacier Operations Vaults Archives Glacier Select Glacier Data Retrival Policies Security Pricing Limits Other Amazon Glacier Related Cheat Sheets Validate Your Knowledge Amazon S3 Glacier Cheat Sheet Long-term archival solution optimized for infrequently used data, or "cold data." Glacier is a REST-based web service. You can store an unlimited number of archives and an unlimited amount of data. You cannot specify Glacier as the storage class at the time you create an object. It is designed to provide an average annual durability of [...]

Amazon S3 Glacier2023-02-02T01:48:13+00:00

Amazon EFS


Bookmarks Features Performance Modes Throughput Modes Mount Targets Access Points Components of a File System Data Consistency in EFS Managing File Systems Mounting File Systems Lifecycle Management Monitoring File Systems Security Pricing EFS vs EBS vs S3 Other Amazon EFS-related Cheat Sheets Validate Your Knowledge Amazon EFS Cheat Sheet  A fully-managed file storage service that makes it easy to set up and scale file storage in the Amazon Cloud. Features The service manages all the file storage infrastructure for you, avoiding [...]

Amazon EFS2023-02-01T01:43:21+00:00

AWS Lambda


Bookmarks Components of a Lambda Application Lambda Functions Invoking Functions Configuring a Lambda Function to Access Resources in a VPC Lambda@Edge Pricing Validate Your Knowledge AWS Lambda Cheat Sheet A serverless compute service. Lambda executes your code only when needed and scales automatically. Lambda functions are stateless - no affinity to the underlying infrastructure. You choose the amount of memory you want to allocate to your functions and AWS Lambda allocates proportional CPU power, network bandwidth, and disk I/O. AWS Lambda is SOC, HIPAA, PCI, ISO compliant. Natively supports the [...]

AWS Lambda2023-02-03T12:17:16+00:00

AWS Elastic Beanstalk


Bookmarks Environment Pages Elastic Beanstalk Concepts Environment Types Environment Configurations Monitoring Security Pricing Validate Your Knowledge AWS Elastic Beanstalk Cheat Sheet Allows you to quickly deploy and manage applications in the AWS Cloud without worrying about the infrastructure that runs those applications. Elastic Beanstalk automatically handles the details of capacity provisioning, load balancing, scaling, and application health monitoring for your applications. It is a Platform-as-a-Service Elastic Beanstalk supports the following languages: Go Java .NET Node.js PHP Python Ruby Elastic Beanstalk supports the following web containers: Tomcat Passenger Puma Elastic [...]

AWS Elastic Beanstalk2023-01-27T06:38:16+00:00

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR)


Bookmarks Features Components Security Pricing Amazon Elastic Container Registry Cheat Sheet A managed AWS Docker registry service. Amazon ECR is a regional service. Features ECR supports Docker Registry HTTP API V2 allowing you to use Docker CLI commands or your preferred Docker tools in maintaining your existing development workflow. ECR stores both the containers you create and any container software you buy through AWS Marketplace. ECR stores your container images in Amazon S3. ECR supports the ability to define and organize repositories in your registry using namespaces. You can transfer your container images [...]

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR)2023-01-27T06:36:45+00:00

AWS Batch


Bookmarks Features Components Jobs Job Definitions Job Queues Compute Environment Security Monitoring Pricing AWS Batch Cheat Sheet Enables you to run batch computing workloads on the AWS Cloud. It is a regional service that simplifies running batch jobs across multiple AZs within a region. Features Batch manages compute environments and job queues, allowing you to easily run thousands of jobs of any scale using EC2 and EC2 Spot. Batch chooses where to run the jobs, launching additional AWS capacity if needed. Batch carefully monitors the progress of your [...]

AWS Batch2023-01-27T06:37:55+00:00

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)


Bookmarks Features Components AWS Fargate Task Definitions for Fargate Launch Task Definitions for EC2 Launch Type Monitoring Tagging Pricing Amazon Elastic Container Service Cheat Sheet A container management service to run, stop and manage Docker containers on a cluster. ECS can be used to create a consistent deployment and build experience, manage, and scale batch and Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) workloads, and build sophisticated application architectures on a microservices model. Amazon ECS is a regional service. Features You can create ECS clusters within a new or existing VPC. After a cluster [...]

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)2023-01-27T06:37:31+00:00

Amazon Relational Database Service ( Amazon RDS )


Bookmarks DB Engines DB Instance RDS Storage Auto Scaling Security Tagging High Availability Using Multi-AZ Read Replicas Backups and Restores Monitoring RDS Proxy Pricing Best Practices Amazon RDS-related Cheat Sheets Validate Your Knowledge Amazon RDS Cheat Sheet Industry-standard relational database RDS manages backups, software patching, automatic failure detection, and recovery. You can have automated backups performed when you need them, or manually create your own backup snapshot. You can use these backups to restore a database. Supports Aurora, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL [...]

Amazon Relational Database Service ( Amazon RDS )2023-02-02T02:23:09+00:00

Amazon DynamoDB


Bookmarks Core Components Data Types For Attributes Throughout Management Capacity Unit Consumption DynamoDB Auto Scaling DynamoDB Items DynamoDB Queries DynamoDB Scans On Demand Backup and Restore DynamoDB Transactions Global Tables Security Monitoring DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) Best Practices Pricing Validate Your Knowledge NoSQL database service that provides fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability. Offers encryption at rest. You can create database tables that can store and retrieve any amount of data, and serve any level of request traffic. You can [...]

Amazon DynamoDB2023-01-27T08:36:51+00:00

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