• aws shared responsibility model

    AWS Shared Responsibility Model

    Cloud computing is changing the way businesses operate by providing scalable, pay-as-you-go infrastructure and services. The shared pool of configurable computing resources is made up of thousands of powerful physical servers located in data centers around the world and equipped with enterprise-grade processors capable of creating hundreds or even [...]

  • Azure Storage Redundancy Options

    Azure Storage Redundancy Options

    What are the Azure Storage Redundancy Options? Azure storage redundancy options provide different levels of protection for data stored in Azure. These options ensure that data is available and retrievable in case of failure or data loss. There are several different types of consistency options available in Azure, each [...]

  • Estimating Your Azure Monthly Usage

    Cloud Computing Service Types: IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS

    What is IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS? IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS are three types of cloud computing services provided by Microsoft Azure. Each model has its advantages that help customers meet their specific needs. Each type of cloud computing service, and deployment method, provides you with different levels of control, [...]

  • Estimating Your Azure Monthly Usage

    Estimating Your Azure Monthly Usage

    Estimating your monthly Azure usage can be a daunting task and may deter interested customers of Azure from ever using it, especially if you are new to cloud computing. Fortunately, Microsoft Azure provides a tool that allows us to estimate the monthly consumption of our potential workloads in Azure. [...]

  • Build Your Own Slack commands with Lambda function URL

    Build Your Own Slack commands with Lambda Function URL

    What are Lambda Function URLs? In the past, calling a Lambda function over HTTP required a lot of setup and configuration with API Gateway. The process of setting up API resources and methods, and linking them to the appropriate Lambda function, can be overwhelming, especially for developers who are [...]

  • Working with AWS CLI (AWS Command Line Interface)

    Working with AWS CLI (AWS Command Line Interface)

    What is AWS CLI? AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) is a tool used to manage and interact with AWS Services using the command line. Users more comfortable in the command line can leverage the AWS CLI as it offers the exact scope of functionality as the AWS Console.  AWS [...]

  • Event-driven transfer on Storage Transfer Service for Google Cloud Storage

    Event-driven Transfer on Storage Transfer Service for Google Cloud Storage

    Last January 7, 2023, Google Cloud announced a new capability for Storage Transfer Service (STS). Now, users can do an event-driven transfer quickly to a Cloud storage whenever there are changes to a source bucket. The event-driven transfer is an execution mode on Storage Transfer Service that allows transfer [...]

  • DOP-C02

    What’s New with the DOP-C02 AWS Certified DevOps Professional Exam in 2023?

    Heads Up! The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training and Certification team recently announced the third iteration of the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional (DOP-C02) exam. Mark your calendar – March 7, 2023 is the first day that you will be able to take the latest version of the [...]

  • Automatic SSH Key Pair Rotation via AWS Systems Manager Fleet Manager

    Automatic SSH Key Pair Rotation via AWS Systems Manager Fleet Manager

    Automatic SSH Key Pair Rotation via AWS Systems Manager Fleet Manager AWS Systems Manager has an extensive collection of features and capabilities to manage your AWS and hybrid systems. This service allows you to centralize operational data from various AWS services and automate manual tasks on both your on-premises [...]

  • Split-view DNS using Amazon Route 53

    Split-view DNS using Amazon Route 53

    What is Amazon Route 53? Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) service. This allows you to do Split-view DNS or Split-horizon DNS implementation for your applications. It offers additional features that are not present from third-party domain registrars. Route 53 allows you [...]

Getting Started with SageMaker Ground Truth Private Workforce

Before we begin, let’s quickly talk about what Amazon SageMaker is and what it is used for. If this is your first time learning about Amazon SageMaker, it is the machine learning platform of AWS that helps solve the different requirements of data scientists, developers, and machine learning practitioners.  It has several features and capabilities that assist in the different stages of the machine learning process. In this tutorial, we will focus on SageMaker [...]

Scalable Data Processing and Transformation using SageMaker Processing (Part 2 of 2)

In this 2-part tutorial, we will focus on SageMaker Processing and how we can use it to solve our data processing needs. Our overall goal is to demonstrate how to use SageMaker Processing to help us perform Min-Max scaling on a dataset in its own dedicated and easily scalable environment.  If you are looking for Part 1, you can find it here. As mentioned in Part I, we have divided this tutorial into 4 [...]

Scalable Data Processing and Transformation using SageMaker Processing (Part 1 of 2)

Amazon SageMaker is the machine learning platform of AWS which helps solve the different requirements of data scientists and machine learning practitioners. It has several features and capabilities that assist in the different stages of the machine learning process. Here is a simplified list of the capabilities of SageMaker mapped to some of the stages of the ML lifecycle. SageMaker Processing Data Preparation and Processing  SageMaker Training Model Training SageMaker Automatic Hyperparameter Tuning Model [...]

  • aws sysops soa-c02 exam

AWS Certified Sysops Administrator Associate (SOA-C02) Exam Experience

I recently took the new AWS Certified SysOps Administrator SOA-C02 exam last week via the Pearson Vue online proctoring. There are a lot of recently introduced features and services that showed up in this new version which you should be aware of. The new version included the new Exam Labs section in the test, which is unique among the other existing AWS certifications. If you’re planning to take this exam soon, read on. At the beginning [...]

  • sysops soa-c02 exam lab

Sample SysOps Exam Lab Scenario #1 – Create an Alarm Using a Metric Filter

This sample exam lab was taken from our AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate Practice Exams. Check out our practice test course for more exam lab scenarios. LEARNING OBJECTIVE The goal of this lab exercise is to help you understand how you can leverage CloudWatch Logs, CloudWatch Metrics, CloudWatch Alarms, and Amazon SNS services in creating an automated alarm system that can inform you of unusual activity in your AWS cloud environment. TIME: 20 MINUTES [...]

  • how_to_create_wait_conditions_in_a_cloudformation_template

How to Create Wait Conditions in a CloudFormation Template

Wait Conditions, as the name suggests, is a tool used to control the order of creation of the AWS resources in a CloudFormation stack. It can pause the creation of a stack and wait for a signal to ensure that specific resources and configurations were properly launched before resuming the stack creation process. Use cases: For example, you want to make sure that a specific domain name is working before you can conclude that [...]

  • multi-account_multi-region_data_aggregation_on_aws_config

Multi-Account Multi-Region Data Aggregation On AWS Config

AWS Config is a service that tracks changes made to resources associated with an AWS account. This service can give you a detailed view of the resource configuration’s timeline so you can go back in time and identify when and what resource the change was made into. It also enables you to determine the overall compliance against the rules and configurations specified in your guidelines. This simplifies compliance auditing, security analysis, change management, and [...]

Specifying Triggers for AWS Config Rules

AWS Config allows you to set “rules” to evaluate configuration settings on your AWS resources. The result of these rule evaluations are then displayed on the AWS Config web console. You can control the frequency of rule evaluations by AWS Config by specifying a trigger. A trigger refers to the method of evaluation for your config rules. There are two types of triggers to select from when creating a rule. 1. Configuration Changes When [...]

  • setting_up_aws_systems_manager_for_hybrid_environments

Setting up AWS Systems Manager for Hybrid Environments

AWS Systems Manager allows your organization to monitor and control their infrastructure on AWS and on-premises environments. Systems Manager provides a unified interface to which you can monitor thousands of servers and services of AWS. Essentially, Systems Manager simplifies resource and application management, shortens the time to detect and resolve operational problems, and makes it easy to operate and manage your infrastructure securely at scale. The following are the capabilities of AWS Systems Manager [...]

  • Symmetric vs. Asymmetric CMKs

Symmetric vs. Asymmetric CMKs

Even before the Internet, the security, privacy, and integrity of information have always been the top concern of institutions like banks, hospitals, and universities. Nobody wants their personal information (name, address, credit card number, etc.) to be exposed in public for anyone to use. Imagine signing up on your favorite social media website, and after a few days, somewhere on the globe has been using your profile and pretending to be you without you [...]

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