• aws shared responsibility model

    AWS Shared Responsibility Model

    Cloud computing is changing the way businesses operate by providing scalable, pay-as-you-go infrastructure and services. The shared pool of configurable computing resources is made up of thousands of powerful physical servers located in data centers around the world and equipped with enterprise-grade processors capable of creating hundreds or even [...]

  • Azure Storage Redundancy Options

    Azure Storage Redundancy Options

    What are the Azure Storage Redundancy Options? Azure storage redundancy options provide different levels of protection for data stored in Azure. These options ensure that data is available and retrievable in case of failure or data loss. There are several different types of consistency options available in Azure, each [...]

  • Estimating Your Azure Monthly Usage

    Cloud Computing Service Types: IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS

    What is IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS? IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS are three types of cloud computing services provided by Microsoft Azure. Each model has its advantages that help customers meet their specific needs. Each type of cloud computing service, and deployment method, provides you with different levels of control, [...]

  • Estimating Your Azure Monthly Usage

    Estimating Your Azure Monthly Usage

    Estimating your monthly Azure usage can be a daunting task and may deter interested customers of Azure from ever using it, especially if you are new to cloud computing. Fortunately, Microsoft Azure provides a tool that allows us to estimate the monthly consumption of our potential workloads in Azure. [...]

  • Build Your Own Slack commands with Lambda function URL

    Build Your Own Slack commands with Lambda Function URL

    What are Lambda Function URLs? In the past, calling a Lambda function over HTTP required a lot of setup and configuration with API Gateway. The process of setting up API resources and methods, and linking them to the appropriate Lambda function, can be overwhelming, especially for developers who are [...]

  • Working with AWS CLI (AWS Command Line Interface)

    Working with AWS CLI (AWS Command Line Interface)

    What is AWS CLI? AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) is a tool used to manage and interact with AWS Services using the command line. Users more comfortable in the command line can leverage the AWS CLI as it offers the exact scope of functionality as the AWS Console.  AWS [...]

  • Event-driven transfer on Storage Transfer Service for Google Cloud Storage

    Event-driven Transfer on Storage Transfer Service for Google Cloud Storage

    Last January 7, 2023, Google Cloud announced a new capability for Storage Transfer Service (STS). Now, users can do an event-driven transfer quickly to a Cloud storage whenever there are changes to a source bucket. The event-driven transfer is an execution mode on Storage Transfer Service that allows transfer [...]

  • DOP-C02

    What’s New with the DOP-C02 AWS Certified DevOps Professional Exam in 2023?

    Heads Up! The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training and Certification team recently announced the third iteration of the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional (DOP-C02) exam. Mark your calendar – March 7, 2023 is the first day that you will be able to take the latest version of the [...]

  • Automatic SSH Key Pair Rotation via AWS Systems Manager Fleet Manager

    Automatic SSH Key Pair Rotation via AWS Systems Manager Fleet Manager

    Automatic SSH Key Pair Rotation via AWS Systems Manager Fleet Manager AWS Systems Manager has an extensive collection of features and capabilities to manage your AWS and hybrid systems. This service allows you to centralize operational data from various AWS services and automate manual tasks on both your on-premises [...]

  • Split-view DNS using Amazon Route 53

    Split-view DNS using Amazon Route 53

    What is Amazon Route 53? Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) service. This allows you to do Split-view DNS or Split-horizon DNS implementation for your applications. It offers additional features that are not present from third-party domain registrars. Route 53 allows you [...]

  • What’s New with the AWS Developer DVA-C02 Certification Exam in 2023

What’s New with the AWS Developer DVA-C02 Exam in 2023?

After almost 5 years since it was first released, the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam is finally getting revamped. The AWS Training and Certification team is launching a new version, with an exam code of DVA-C02, on February 28, 2023, making it the last of the three associate-level exams to receive a major overhaul. You can register for the new exam starting on January 31, 2023, or take the current DVA-C01 exam until February [...]

  • AWS Console Sign-In Options

AWS Console Sign-In Options

In AWS, there are several ways to access and manage your organization's AWS resources, such as: AWS Management Console - a web-based user interface for creating and managing your AWS resources. AWS CLI - a command line interface that allows you to run scripts to control and automate multiple AWS services. AWS SDK - a software development kit containing a collection of libraries that developers can use to access AWS services. In this article, [...]

  • OpenAI’s ChatGPT vs Amazon Lex

OpenAI’s ChatGPT vs Amazon Lex

What is ChatGPT OpenAI’s ChatGPT is an improved version of the GPT3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer, released in 2020) language model specifically designed to generate human-like text for chatbot applications. ChatGPT is trained on a large dataset of conversation transcripts and is able to generate appropriate responses to a wide range of inputs, including questions and prompts. ChatGPT uses a transformer architecture, which is a type of neural network designed for natural language processing tasks. [...]

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Experience

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Experience

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is a popular certification for individuals looking to demonstrate their knowledge of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. This certification is suitable for individuals who are new to the AWS cloud and those who want to validate their understanding of the core AWS services and their use cases. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including the fundamentals of cloud computing, the AWS global infrastructure, the [...]

  • AWS re:Invent 2022 announcements for Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists

AWS re:Invent 2022 Announcements for AWS Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists

Every year, professionals all around the world attend the most transformative tech event —  AWS re:Invent. Here, a LOT of new AWS services and capabilities are announced and discussed. In this post, we will focus on the major announcements relevant to data scientists and ML engineers! A Gentle Introduction to Amazon SageMaker   The major announcements discussed in this post focus on SageMaker, so we will spend a paragraph or two quickly talking about [...]

  • AWS re:Invent 2022 Highlights

AWS re:Invent 2022 Highlights

If you’re new to AWS and haven’t heard of re:Invent, this is a global cloud community event where AWS announces new features and services. You also get to meet like-minded IT professionals who are eager to learn more about cloud computing. For November 28, 2022 - December 2, 2022, the biggest, most comprehensive, and the most vibrant event will be held again in Las Vegas. In this article, we’re going to take a look [...]

  • What is Prometheus?

What is Prometheus?

What is Prometheus? Prometheus is an open-source system monitoring and alerting toolkit originally built at SoundCloud. This tool's primary function is to collect and store metrics as time series data. For example, suppose you have a running web application that is too slow. You can use Prometheus to determine the response time of a web server or the number of active connections/queries in a database.  Features: Multi-dimensional data model with time series data identified [...]

  • What is Grafana?

What is Grafana?

What is Grafana? Grafana is an open-source analytics and interactive visualization web app. When connected to supported data sources, it displays charts, graphs, and alerts on the web. The product is described as a "complete observability stack,” which includes everything you need to interact with your data.   How It Works To visualize and analyze data in a dashboard, you’ll need to set up the following: Server - produces the data that you want [...]

  • aws credits for the aws certified solutions architect associate SAA-C03 exam prep

How to View your Actual AWS Bill if you have AWS Credits

Having AWS Credits can significantly reduce the cost of your cloud resources in your AWS account. However, there are some changes in your AWS Billing and Cost Management console that you must be aware of, to ensure that you still understand the running cost of your cloud services. You can easily view the actual bill of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account on the Bills page by default, which you can access via the [...]

  • aws certified solutions architect professional SAP-C02 amazon

My AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional SAP-C02 Exam Experience

I just passed the latest version of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional SAP-C02! What a way to end the year strong! In this short article, I'll quickly discuss what this SAP-C02 exam is all about and the different things that can help you pass this mind-boggling test.  The New AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional SAP-C02) exam is one of the two Professional-level certification tests of the [...]

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